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China's household paper industry in 2015

A, in 2015, the modernization of China's household paper industry continued to increase capacity, output and demand imbalances between supply and demand, market competition, increase the capacity of mainly concentrated in the existing enterprise; New into large enterprise innovation operation mode at the same time, the response to market competition; The industry accelerated backward production capacity and industrial optimization and upgrading.

1, industry leading enterprises and large enterprises continue to expand produces, partly due to the expansion project of adjustment or postponed.

Low Jin Gongye (APP) respectively in suzhou factory new 60000 t/a capacity, hubei new factory production capacity of 120000 t/a, a total of new capacity of 180000 t/a, in the mainland China's total capacity of up to 1.57 million t/a, another 60000 t/a, production plan delay.

Low heng in hunan new factory of 60000 t/a capacity, the total capacity of up to 1.02 million t/a, another 240000 t/a production plan delay;

When vader sichuan, shandong factory each additional 30000 t/a capacity, the total capacity of up to 950000 t/a, another 30000 t/a production plan delay. Vader new guangdong yangjiang production base in 2015, the group production base of 10, initially planned production capacity of 190000 t/a new base;

Low in shun jie soft sichuan new factory of 25000 t/a capacity, the total capacity of up to 470000 t/a, no subsequent new capacity planning;

Low agreeable shandong factories increased by 140000 t/a capacity, the total capacity of up to 456000 t/a, another 60000 t/a production plan delay. Agreeable officially launched in 2015, zhejiang fuyang new base life paper project construction, production capacity of 100000 t/a new base planning;

More than low yongfeng in guangdong in 2015 zhongyua production base for production of 25000 t/a capacity first health paper machine, more than make sinopac in mainland China Daily paper a total capacity of up to 175000 t/a, a new base and 25000 t/a production plan delay;

In June 2015, October, Hong Kong literature in chongqing were put into production two production capacity of 60000 t/a new type of health paper machine, respectively is provided by voith and d virtues and make the total capacity of up to 150000 t/a, and plans to ?

Low in March 2015, the shandong sun paper life paper company second 60000 t/a capacity of andreas, crescent health paper machine production;

In June 2015, zhejiang JingXing production second 30000 t/a capacity of andreas, crescent health paper machine, the total capacity of up to 72000 t/a;

September and November 2015, guangxi liuzhou double needle production capacity of 23000 t/a of tusk (tesla grams) crescent health paper machine, 46000 t/a new capacity;

Thick low hebei bao definition into the second stage of 25000 t/a capacity of andreas, crescent health paper machine, delayed until 2016;

Low shao can group south guangdong male mission paper 1 on the new capacity of 30000 t/a endree, crescent health paper machine, until the beginning of 2016 and put into production.

2, the new entering the industry enterprises significantly reduce and invest more cautious.

In June 2015, chishui city and Shanghai tightsen pulping (group) co., LTD formally signed the annual output of 300000 tons of household paper base paper and paper products. CHTH paper 300000 tons daily paper project officially launched, the first of 60000 t/a capacity of andreas, crescent health paper machine plan and put into production at the end of 2016.

3, the new into the large enterprise innovation operation mode.

In the production of other kinds of paper pulp paper enterprises, give play to their own raw materials, energy, such as cost advantage, strengthen management, to strengthen the own life paper products marketing and brand cultivation at the same time, create new operation mode, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.

In 2014 and put into production of bedding health paper manufacturing co., LTD., chongqing to 2015 annual production capacity has reached 125000 tons. Company gradually increases its own brand construction, at the same time, the use of reason, health paper company's surplus more than 300 acres of land for construction of industrial park, facing the whole country life paper processing enterprises investment promotion and capital introduction. Manager, is responsible for supporting workshop, water vapor and base paper supply. Has successfully attracted five daily paper processing enterprises.

4, eliminate fall

Environmental requirements and market competition accelerates the hebei city, guangdong dongguan and other regions of small and medium-sized household paper production enterprises of high energy consumption of small paper machine selection process.

Green development:

Low in hebei province mancheng to invest 5 billion yuan to build covers an area of 1500 acres of life paper processing and cogeneration circular economy industrial park projects, promoting the central heating and green development, speed up the transformation and upgrading. The city in 2015 by the end of the eliminated under 10 t/h coal-fired boiler, the end of 2017 will phase out below 35 t/h coal-fired boiler; In 2015, the city of hebei daily paper production enterprises actively eliminate energy-intensive, width of 1575 mm below the health paper machine, accelerate the replace of high-speed paper machine.

Low, guangdong province, set the value of the pearl river delta region of guangdong province emissions standards, the atmospheric pollutant emission indexes of guangdong province and guangdong province energy consumption limit standard of life with products, etc., to promote upgrading of the industry and sustainable development.

Low agreeable group and the China coal industry group, zhejiang fuchunjiang group cooperation, three parties will cooperate with the new clean energy companies as the platform, facing the shandong regional radiation, low carbon industry, promote low-carbon consumption, improve the utilization efficiency of resources.

Win-win cooperation:

Low beijing-tianjin-hebei household paper industry technology innovation strategic alliance was founded on December 9, 2015 in baoding. Union in promoting the life paper production technology, equipment, management, personnel training, such as the comprehensive innovation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of baoding area daily paper enterprises play an important role in such aspects.

5, the overall price of wood pulp is low, non wood fiber continue to lower the cost advantage, the industry of non wood fiber dosage proportion continue to shrink, with wood pulp as raw material to the enterprise through the differential operation more competitive.

In 2015, the wood pulp prices overall low, non wood fiber price continue to reduce, the industry of wood fiber dosage, a sharp fall sales difficulties. In order to reverse this situation, the northwest's largest household paper enterprises bauhinia paper planning investment of 4 billion yuan, strive to 2020 years ago, the formation processing 750000 tons of straw color paper and paper products, production of 350000 tons, 550000 tons of organic fertilizer production capacity.

Sichuan bamboo pulping cost remains high, but the product price is on a downward channel, make the product production enterprise profitability decline, most unprofitable businesses, even in losing money. In 2015, part of the paper enterprises will intensify development promotion of ecru bamboo pulp paper life, sales in good condition.

Guangxi huamei group parts production factory production lead to reduced demand for bagasse pulp, bagasse pulp, overbuilt in part of the bagasse pulp capacity closures, bagasse life paper profit space narrowing of the products.

Second, the industry market competition is intense, product prices on average, the profit space is narrow. But heng, vader leading enterprise to improve profitability, profit growth is higher than the industry average.

In response to market competition, large companies to adjust product structure, improve the proportion of high margin products, makes the enterprise profit level compared with the previous year. In the listed company, for example:

In 2015, heng, vader, shun jie soft and other listed companies rely on brand advantages and effective marketing strategy, actively adjust the product structure, increase the high

According to heng international, vader, shun jie in the soft released 2015 annual report or half annals respectively, according to the company's profitability improved year-on-year, especially vader has achieved substantial growth.

Low hengan international revenue growth of 3.3% year-on-year in the first half of 2015 to hk $12.503 billion, net profit of hk $1.968 billion, up 10.8% from a year earlier, the gross profit margin was 46.5%, up 1.6% from a year earlier. Weak sales term life paper business, income is slightly lower by about 2.2%, to about hk $5.516 billion, about 44.1% of overall revenues (in the first half of 2014-46.6%), gross profit margin rose to about 36.2% (33.2% in the first half of 2014:);

When vader international's 2015 annual business income is 9.7 billion Hong Kong dollars, up 21.4% from a year earlier, the gross profit of hk $2.959 billion, up 22.8% from a year earlier, the gross margin increase of 0.3% to 30.5%. Among them, the daily paper overall turnover rose 18.9% to hk $9.357 billion, product category, roll of paper and a roll of paper products sales accounted for 49.9% and 50.1% respectively. , higher gross margin of soft tissue, tissue, handkerchief paper and wet towel in a box, sales growth are very prominent, growth of 34.1%, 29.0%, 34.6% and 34.1% respectively.

Low shun jie soft in the first half of 2015 operating income in 129955.86 ten thousand yuan, up 15.14% from a year earlier, the main business income is 128676.62 ten thousand yuan, up 14.30% from a year earlier, attributable to the parent company owner of the net profit of 4579.15 ten thousand yuan, up 26.65% from a year earlier.

Three, household paper base paper advanced and mature production technology, enterprise innovation and development of differentiated products more is reflected in the processing and product packaging. At the same time, in order to promote the essence of environmental protection concept rapidly increasing living paper.

New product:

Low along the clean soft launch clean soft Face in high-end flexible smooth facial tissue, packaging have open type to design, easy open innovation patent;

Low agreeable with suitable clean soft "youth without regret" series of household paper products, packaging novel fashion, close to the young consumer groups;

Low DongGuan launched Shanghai jie cloud "is velvet touch" series of facial tissue products, feel more soft;

Low zhengzhou clean paper launch vehicle cylinder paper extraction, and the product packaging as cylindrical, small volume and facilitating moving, suitable for use in private cars.

Guangdong Babylon launched "start-up" cotton tissue, products to join the cotton linter fibers, is not easy to chip off when using, softer close skin, especially suitable for women, delicate baby skin, bearded men and people use for sensitive skin.

With environmental protection and sustainable development concept, development and differentiation of ecru household paper products enterprise quantity increase.

Low Jin Gongye ecru wood pulp, toilet paper and towels products, mainly for home use marketing;

Low ring dragon ecru bamboo pulp tissue, toilet paper products, main use of sanitary napkin is square toilet use toilet paper;

Low shao can color paper life project, a 30000 tons/year production line at the beginning of 2016 and put into production;

Low sinopac plan into ecru bamboo pulp; household paper market

Low spring wheat straw ecru Lin life paper marketing to obtain good effect, and the new packaging in 2015;

Low guangxi hua hin 56 ° series special infant child ecru household paper products;

Ningxia bauhinia wheat straw as raw material, launched in 2015, "the catcher in the original" series of household paper;

Low double light paper to reed, straw as raw materials, color series of household paper products;

Jiangmen neosaurus paper, ecru bamboo pulp as raw material, the color series household paper products.

Four, electric business channel sales increased steadily.

2015, vader electricity channel sales revenue accounted for 12.9% of total revenue, hk $1.248 billion, more than 2014 hk $689 million, 2014, vader electricity channel sales income is 559 million Hong Kong dollars, accounted for 7% of total revenue.

Low heng Tmall hand in hand create a "super brand". On June 29, 2015, hengan group life, diapers, wet wipes, sanitary napkin paper four category for ali is a full platform support, "heng super brand day" sales promotion activity.

2015 double tenth, vader and brands online sales sales amount has reached 95 million yuan, the life sanitary paper category are respectively become jingdong mall, Tmall supermarkets, suning supermarket and 1 day of the big four mainstream electric business platform total sales of ?

Double tenth a low 2015, clean and soft Tmall flagship store in "better use wet water, can wash a Face towel" Face of the series, "more smooth lock water clean soft LOTION series give priority to dozen of goods, sales of more than 32 million yuan.

Five, the leading enterprise further promote social marketing, fans, WeChat marketing mode of transmission, diversified into marketing.

"Heng in hunan, zhejiang, jiangsu, eastern TV's four core variety show, precise focus for the young, the depth of the pass" love? Change life "concept; Heng power the first national green Olympics, as a special sponsor named "heng heart match the cup" competition; Heng's heart be printed, seven dimensions, Anne er joy, joy, Ann and Ann son kang 5 micro au of store brand launch, new marketing in the field of open wechat business ?

Low "vader super toughening line in China" in the third quarter well packaged. Vader line 2015 through 22 cities in China, more than 2600 people families to join "super toughening family"; Vader sponsored variety show on China central television, the national large-scale children's music express wait you to grow up.

Low APP (China) to be designated as China pavilion expo 2015 milan only paper supplier, provide all life paper, office paper products for the China pavilion.

Low agreeable in deep on the basis of traditional marketing channels and comprehensive to enter the micro, electric field, in Beijing held a grand and wechat business will recruit, signing and famous actors mark clear soft suitable for brands.

Hebei city borrow e-commerce integration of paper industry, explore the "electric business platform + electric business park" paper sales model, has been built professional electric business platform "north China paper - China Daily paper network".

Six, in 2015, household paper industry into exports are less than last year. One daily paper imports and imports fell by 21.92% and 21.92% respectively than in 2014, and imports only 28000 tons, less than 0.5% of total output, the domestically produced products, has been able to fully meet the needs of the consumers. While exports fell by 4.66% over the previous year, exports increased by 16.25%, the export of household paper products, the average rise in price, but the export situation is not optimistic.

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