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Industrial upgrading, ecological and environmental protection - guangdong paper industry development present situation in life

Is China's household paper enterprise is concentrated area of guangdong province, China's household paper industry comprehensive ranking in the first four companies in vader international origin and shun jie soft headquarters in here. In production enterprises, raw materials and life in guangdong province paper also presents the intensive development pattern processing equipment suppliers. On January 9-10, 2016, by joining "start-up" life high-end conference paper, cotton towel product launches and dealers customers thanks will activities, vice secretary of China paper association of professional committee of the daily paper Cao Baoping, editing XingWanNa line of two people living in guangdong paper industry development situation of the market research. Through interviews with well-known industry experts, Mr ZhuoYongXin is mainly living paper production ? dongguan city, guangdong province

The general situation

According to the statistical data of guangdong paper industry association, in 2015, guangdong life paper production of 900000 tons, accounting for about 1/8 of the country's total. At present, guangdong household paper industry has the following four characteristics:

1. High concentration:

Main business including vader, shun jie in the soft, white swan, Babylon, darling, tin, etc.

2. Product quality is excellent.

3. The paper advanced equipment:

Mostly introduce the international modern health paper machine, equipment production capacity is high, the new type machine gradually became a dominant model of the introduction of paper machine.

4. After the domestic advanced processing equipment:

Leading domestic household paper processing equipment manufacturers, mainly in guangdong province, such as foshan treasure rope, Johnson reputation, SONY, beautiful singing, machinery, etc.

The development of guangdong household paper advantage is mainly as follows:

1. The location advantage:

U belong to export-oriented coastal cities of guangdong province, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao special administrative region, import and export of raw materials and products more convenient;

U informed, which is beneficial to grasp the latest technology and equipment information;

U residents consumption level is high, the per capita consumption big paper;

U exports, accounts for about 20% of the country's total.

2. The research and development advantages:

Has several scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning in guangdong province and testing center, including the state key laboratory of pulp and paper engineering, papermaking and pollution control of national engineering research center, colleges and universities, national paper products quality supervision and inspection center and the provincial paper products quality supervision and inspection center.

3. The advantages of scale:

U in guangdong province the paper and cardboard consumption occupies the national first place;

U industrial concentration is higher;

U in terms of total economy is the largest.

4. Brand advantage:

U famous trademarks of guangdong province for a total of 41;

A total of 31 u in guangdong province famous brand products,

U live in paper industry a total of three well-known trademarks in China.

5. Market advantage:

U live paper belongs to the fast moving consumer goods, affected by the economic situation is small, with the improvement of social productivity growing;

U paper consumption per capita life compared with the developed countries there is still a gap, still have development space;

U urbanization process is accelerated, promote life paper consumption, especially in big cities the demand for high-grade household paper.

Environmental protection standards, in guangdong province to fully implement the national policy requirements, and local conditions and floor plan accordingly. Specially emission limit value standards such as the pearl river delta region (see table 1), on the basis of the existing national standards, strict emission limit value, will implement environmental management.

* life paper enterprise control: suspension is a third, BOD is 1/2, COD is 5/8, 5/8 ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus is 5/8, 5/6, total nitrogen displacement only 1/2, tons of COD emissions products is 5/16.

Atmospheric pollutant emission regulations according to the country, in 2015, guangzhou was the first to take the initiative to promote gas development and renovation work - "super clean" project (see table 2). By the end of 2015, in addition to the two units for industry transformation and upgrading or delayed demolished and relocated on requisitioned land renovation, guangzhou has completed 284 polluting fuel boiler renovation, 417 annual material rectification task.

Contrast table 3 countries and household paper products of guangdong province in energy consumption quota standards, the limitation of energy consumption of household paper products of guangdong province is far higher than the national standard. Strict environmental protection and energy saving standard is helpful for enterprises t

Stream, not to advance is to go back - guangdong paper industry upgrading and green development

As active one of the provinces of the national economic development in guangdong province, local consumer demand for household paper products are relatively high. Household paper industry of guangdong province as a whole, the present stage of development focus for upgrading and green development, meet the demand of the consumers on product quality multiple, realize products to develop in the direction of differentiation, the varieties.

In response to since 2014, national ministry of industry about backward and excess capacity, guangdong has been walking in the forefront of the country. In early 2016, the economic and information commission of guangdong province first published in 2015 list of enterprises in key industry backward and excess capacity. The selection list, involving the papermaking enterprises for a total of 20, including 4 life paper enterprises.

In addition, as early as September 11, 2014, dongguan executive meeting is reviewed and adopted the "features development region economic zone" high-pressure &high-concentration &low-viscosity "enterprise comprehensive regulation and guidance work out relevant documents". In terms of household paper industry, required by the end of 2015, in addition to the central scroll environmental protection professional base, complete the annual production capacity of 50000 tons for examination and approval of the following life paper production enterprises, and subsidies, so as to eliminate backward production capacity, achieve the purpose of the paper making industry transformation and upgrading.

Incorporated into the lead out of high-pressure &high-concentration &low-viscosity papermaking companies a total of 57, by the end of 2015 at least 45 papermaking companies close agreement, 78.95% of the total. Part of middle and small paper mills because of the policy effect and their own mismanagement and the causes of market factors, out of the daily paper "stage", to speed up the industry "shuffle", form the evolution of the situation. Elimination of second-hand health paper machine more resellers to such as Vietnam, Ethiopia and other developing countries and regions.


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