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Toilet paper cutter matters needing attention

Toilet paper base paper after rewinding machine after volume growth to the cutter cut into short paper, again after the packing be finished paper, sold into the market. Among them how to use good paper cutter cut short volume neat has smooth surface, also should pay attention to the problem of product quality.

1, paper cutter motor must be zero or earthed, prevent leakage, ensure the safety of the operation.

2, toilet paper, paper cutter to vertical flat, stable, in order to use the vibration, can even put some paper below, leather cushion, etc.

3, paper cutter wheel rotation to parallel up and down, and noise is as small as possible, if the noise is large or big, should be timely check oil shortage or damage to the bearings.

4, to use high-quality paper cutting knives, which are not easy to damage, long service life, edge smooth sheen, the operation is safe. ??

5, short test volume is neat, can put a few short roll vertical worktable rotate slowly can see, also can pour waste volume on the workbench to open a check, see if roll of paper on both sides parallel.

6, paper cutting, paper cutting knife must be kept vertical from top to bottom, if the paper cutting knife to partial move around, grinding wheel piece of correction, and at the bottom of the adjustable blade width to printing on both sides.

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