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How to choose and buy toilet paper rewinding machine three standards

Now many start-ups, including pulp and paper industry is one of the more promising projects, would like to venture may wish to look at. The method of how to choose and buy toilet paper rewinding machine:

1, equipment models

Toilet paper rewinding machine equipment model is different, the price is different also, according to the different needs of manufacturers, including common 210, 220, 230, such as model belongs to a small model of the equipment. Different types of toilet paper rewinding machine price is different, the same type of toilet paper rewinding machine different functions, the price is not the same.

2,Second, the manufacturers

Equipment of the good or not has a direct relationship with manufacturer, whether the manufacturer's technology professional and reliable to equipment maintenance in the future, otherwise it regularly to repair equipment believe that any manufacturer can not accept.

3, equipment functions

Toilet paper rewinding machine function diversification, the function different the price is different also, the more functions, the higher the price. Some toilet paper rewinding machine also can increase the pay roll graphics and color printing equipment, paper more beautiful.

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